Towards a new and better way of building and doing business

Did you know that almost 40% of all global CO2 emissions can be linked to the construction industry? That can and must change. At Moonfish, we believe in a new and better way of building and doing business, in which we find a balance between economic growth and protecting our planet.  

To expedite this process and achieve our ambitions, we’ve combined forces with other experts. This enables us to offer our clients a unique range of complementary solutions and services for the creation of more sustainable real estate.

All-in-one ecosystem

Together with Mathieu Gijbels and Enerdo, we are part of the Gentoo ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, we combine years of experience, innovation, and a shared vision to minimize our ecological footprint. In doing so, we aim to make sustainable construction easier and more efficient.

The ultimate goal? Creating better buildings that are future-proof and provide a pleasant living and working environment.

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One-stop-shop for sustainable building

All individual partners within the Gentoo ecosystem operate as separate companies and are not exclusively linked to each other. However, thanks to the combined expertise of all Gentooneers, we can provide better guidance in realizing sustainable real estate projects or in making existing assets more sustainable.

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