The moonfish is a rare, warm blooded fish, just as exceptional as we are. We have a warm heart for everything related to the climate and our environment. From the moon and the stars, to the deepest waves of the ocean: our approach goes full circle and is all-encompassing.

We practice what we preach, and what you see is what you get. Greenwashing has no place in our culture and neither will it have in your company, when you choose to team up with our professionals.



Bram’s passion for technique and project management is unparalleled. His experience as a process engineer has lead him to be Moonfish’ beating heart. The dedication he brings to the fore when nailing the goals set out for your company, comes from the love for his wife and offspring.

Bram is adament about the pressing need to take action for a better future for our children. Creating awareness about authentic sustainability, both professionaly and personally, is of great importance to Bram.


Maarten’s professional background focusses on creating an energy positive world with his dynamic Enerdo team. His approach to sustainability is holistic: Maarten is always on the look out for new, inspiring projects that have the same positive, green goal in mind. With Konneksie for instance, he aspires to create meaningful connections with people, planet earth and plant based food.

Less corporate greed, and more purposeful connections is what Maarten believes is our key to happiness, and what he would like to pass on to his own and the world’s (great)(grand)children.





Moonfish can count on years of professional experience by teaming up with the goals-getters of Enerdo. When tackling milestones related to buildings, the Enerdo team is called in to perform the necessary tasks at hand.


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