set out a

long-term plan

with short-term


Moonfish aspires to be your one stop shop partner in achieving your sustainability goals. From reporting to measuring your company’s data, from setting out projects to exploiting your technical installations, we’ve got you covered.

say YES to sustainable development

Every Moonfish partnership starts with saying yes to sustainable development. You are as convinced as we are that sustainability is not just another buzz word. You’re fully aware that the world is changing and that we all need to evolve. This also means looking at your business from a broader perspective, taking into account your score in the Sustainable Development Goals.


sustainability roadmap

Have you already defined your sustainability objectives in the long run?

All right! We can help you define applicable metrics to monitor progression and achieve your set goals. We make sure your organization’s communication with all stakeholders is free(d) from greenwashing.


Aware of the need of a sustainability program but not sure about your goals yet?

We will help you figure out which roadmap suits your business. We will assist you to identify clear, crisp short term objectives in order to prosper in sustainability and lift your business results in the long run.


5 steps to the moon

Once your roadmap’s set out, Moonfish can take care of the following five steps for you with every milestone you’d like to tackle.
Only in need of one of two of our services? That works for us too! You can put us to work to the extent you like.


“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Do you agree with this statement? Well, we do. And by implementing our dashboard as your watchdog, we can unburden you from the interpretation of the complex data stream generated by your company.


The legislative train has departed! Learn more

Non-financial reporting has become one of the most important checks for stakeholders and shareholders of any modern company. By reporting according to GHG, GRI and ESRS, you can take part of the next generation sustainable businesses. Moonfish can put together these reports for you.


Ready, set,…

The roadmap will tell us WHAT we will be tackling in the long run, the milestones on the roadmap will show us HOW we will go about tackling crisp, clear short term projects. By identifying your quick wins, we can make drastic changes towards a sustainable future. Making a feasible project charter for the major challenges is what we are here to help you with. Together we’ll make it real!


Moonfish can rely on a team of professionals to help you achieve the targets of the defined projects. Would like for us to take care of the whole project management? Or would you rather take care of it yourself? Whatever works for you! We can assist you in whatever extent desired.

Measure, Analyse, Control

By monitoring your key indicators in real time, we can see trends, detect inconsistencies and inform you or even adjust process parameters for you. We aspire to unburden you from certain tasks by having our technical set-ups and dashboard do the work.

Operational performance

Our goal is not only to address ESG reporting requirements but also to develop a risk aware and results driven ESG approach with cross-function collaboration, enabling new ways of working, new business models and value creation. Your company will not only comply to the latest regulations, but it will also thrive on other business levels.


Ready to

dive in?

One thing’s certain about our partnership: it starts with going all in for sustainable development. Where our journey together ends, is entirely up to you. Ideally, we’d love to measure, improve and exploit the different projects that have been set out in your company’s roadmap, but you decide how much of the process you’d like to take into your own hands, and how much you’d like for Moonfish to address.